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What interesting photo blogs met recently …
1. Time Photos . On the blog only kratenko about the author – “My name is Sergey, I live in the small town of Nizhny Tagil. I’m interested in photography. And on this blog, I place an interesting material devoted to photography. “Blog of a series of must read for all copyright, all of the case, it is interesting and useful.
2. Novov.ru – “Hi! My name is Alex. All my free time is absorbed by the photo. I admire people’s ability to think creatively and create things that you can see and feel. My own attempts at art, photo and filming can be seen in this blog. “Lots of photos, reflection, exchange of experience.
3. (R) u – A blog about photos of Sergei Krepskogo. Lots of photos and notes about travel and photo shoots.
I remember two years ago … blogging about photography and was just handful (well, not counting the blog). Now stand-alone blogs have become much more that should please himself But if I write less, though for others to tell. By the way, a lot of blogs I have collected in the autumn – “Autumn call photoblog”
By the way, all the men a happy holidays! Courage, strength and patience – and that any performance was on the shoulder!
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